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Get immediate access to cash, information and support joining our exclusive network of professionals with 25 years of experience in this industry.

ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is a very exclusive retail energy network who connects commercial and industrial customers, energy brokers, sales managers and referral partners, with the most qualified energy suppliers in North America.

Our company started with the vision of solving some challenges we faced in the energy industry over the last 25 years. Even when we all have come a long way from early deregulation woes, at ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE we truly believe today's energy marketplace remains plagued with lots of inefficiencies. Unfortunately, the lack of connectivity between partners in the sales channel and, in some cases, the ethics on display in the industry leaves a lot to be desired.

In this context, we had the idea of gathering together those suppliers and brokers who match our high standards of professional quality and ethics, contributing from our side to the improvement and transparency of this evolving market. By adding the advantages of cutting-edge technology, we also expect to be at the forefront of much needed standardization across the industry.

Elenex Power Platform

Our fully automated and proprietary energy procurement software, is designed to position our partners as technology leaders in the business.

We call on all premium market participants to join us in the quest to connect the most upstanding and qualified players in the industry around a common data platform, and thus bring about the benefits of increase of savings to every customer, and greater transaction efficiency for all of us.

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As a commercial energy customer, ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE offers you access to our exclusive network of brokers and consultants, who can understand and satisfy each specific energy need of any specific industry, always providing you the best prices and the best terms.

One of our experts will handle your request to help you start saving money right away.

We work for you, not for any particular provider.

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As an energy broker or consultant, you will gain access to the highest and most flexible commission plans in the industry. Get immediate access to cash, information and support joining our exclusive network of professionals with 25 years of experience in this industry. Automatize and scale your business with our state-of-art energy platform, and start spending your time focusing on customers instead of performing administrative tasks.

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Referral Partners

As a referral partner, you can earn residual income just by referring your customer base.

You make the introduction and we'll help your referrals to save money on their electricity and gas, providing them the best prices and satisfying their specific energy needs. You can also collect residual income on referrals made by your referrals!

This is the easiest way to take advantage of deregulated energy.

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No matter what your situation is, our energy professionals with over 25 years of experience on this business are here to support you!