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Maximize your potential and scale your business

Whether you're just a beginner or a highly qualified pro with your own portfolio, we can help you maximize your potential and scale your business to previously unattainable heights.

When you partner with ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, you are entering a very exclusive network of energy professionals. We understand every partner has different needs.

Some of them will need to get immediate access to cash in order to stay ahead of their expenses, attract new qualified professionals to their teams, or facilitate their own transition to actually becoming independent brokers. Each different stage of your business growth will require a different commission plan, and that's why by partnering with us you'll find such flexible and comprehensive payment options, that any other retail energy network or brokerage firm will offer you. We have the highest compensation plans in the industry.

If you are working with another company, you can simply increase 30-50% your income solely by switching with us.

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Monthly Residual Payment

Monthly Residual Payments

Our standing commission split for new partners is 60% of the added, but serious performers with previous experience on the field, as well as experienced salesmen on other fields, should be paid up to 80% from day one. For sales teams, the commission should be 80% as well, no matter if they have previous experience selling energy or not.

With this program you will be enrolling customers that will pay you for years. As long as the customer remains with the contracted supplier, you will be receiving your commission, month after month, and your paycheck will be growing!

This program is ideal for independent agents. One of its advantages is since you're not receiving any advance, you don't have to worry about drops or cancellations, so you can be focused just on selling! If you want to focus on making lots of sales for yourself without losing your time on anything else, this program will be the best for you. Its beauty lies in there's no limit on how much you can earn!

The residual income potential is unlimited!

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Upfront Payment

Upfront payments

Our standing commission split is 60% of the added margin. Top performers will get new agreements with bigger percentages, going up to 90% depending on the volume you provide.

The upfront payment program could be annual upfront or half-year upfront.

The great feature of these programs is you will be basically receiving your first year, or your first six months commission, as an advance, according to the regular electricity and/or gas consumption of the customer. For example, if your customer uses 50,000 kilowatts' of electricity per month (small supermarket, big restaurant) that is around 600,000 kWhs per year. That means on the annual upfront you will be receiving 1,800 dollars for that single deal, just three weeks after you submitted that contract! Can you see the big picture here? Since we're referring to just one deal, and it's pretty reasonable for a hard working sales agent to close at least three or four contracts a day, you can see that there is serious money to be made here!

These programs are particularly useful when you are expanding your business or recruiting new sub-agents, to manage the timing of your commissions, and cover expenses where you need it most. Monthly residuals are paid (just as in the “Monthly Residual Payments” program) once the advance has been repaid through receipt of commission from the contracted supplier.

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Free margin upfront

Free Margin Upfront

Generally, the mils you add should be influenced by the competitive nature of the deal. Very large deals will often necessitate lower margins. Small deals suggest higher margins to make them worthwhile. Our standing commission split is 50% of wherever margin you add to your deals, this grows up to 70% if you are a serious performer.

The free margin upfront could also be annual upfront or half-year upfront. Keep in mind since you can add wherever margin you decide, there is much more money to be made on these programs regardless of the percentage. In our previous example, on a Free Margin Annual Upfront plan, with a customer that uses 50,000 kWhs per month, if you decide to add (let's say) 10 mils to the matrix price, that means you will be paid 5 mils instead of 3 mils, so you will be earning 3,000 dollars for that same single deal. This payment is received as an advance, just three weeks after the deal closing.

A program like this provides a significant cash flow boost, which makes it ideal for well-established energy brokers with multiple sub agents. With this system, you can have more funds available to expand your business, and determine however you want to pay to your agents, and how to split those commissions with them. Monthly residuals are paid (just like in the “Monthly Residual Payments” Program) once the advance has been repaid through receipt of commission from the contracted supplier.

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If you come from other sales field, or you're not familiarized with the typical terms of the energy business, please contact as for a free copy of our brochure “Understanding How Commissions Work on the Energy Business”.


No matter what your situation is, our energy professionals with over 25 years of experience on this business are here to support you!