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Unlike most retail energy networks or one-stop shops for energy procurement, who typically just partner with individual energy brokers or brokerage firms, ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE has partnerships with dozens of sales organizations, direct marketing companies, and direct sales teams all around the country. Approximately 40 % of our portfolio is made up of IBO's and different kind of sales organizations, looking for new products to offer to their customers.

This is very important for any direct marketing company looking to expand into the energy arena, since it would be hard to find a partner who actually has the expertise to properly assist a sales organization, due to its own peculiarities which differs greatly from the broker model. You know electricity and gas are products that every business needs, and we specialize in providing direct sales companies with all the tools and advantages to successfully expand into the energy field as well.


These are some of the benefits you'll find by getting onboard with us:

  • First, since the most attractive feature for business owners and team managers in order to put their agents to sell energy is the RESIDUAL INCOME payment system, we decided to adapt our commission plans to assure weekly payment as usual on the direct sales model. This way you can have the best of both worlds: get paid weekly as your agents are used to, and enjoy a recurring revenue income, with everyone's checks coming bigger and bigger over time!
  • Having access to premium energy providers in every deregulated market, your agents will gain the ability to secure a better rate and provide savings to every customer.
  • ELENEX POWER PLATFORM, our exclusive proprietary software, will allow direct marketing companies, sales teams and IBO's to log in from anywhere and get instant access to view the details of all their customers (including every meter reading and commission payment), sending pricing and contracts, and track their progress. Learn more about every item you can manage with this powerful platform. This feature is a complete game-changer that will increase trust and motivation among your agents.
  • Unlike other retail energy networks, we don't require TPV verifications as part of our sales process, unless a particular supplier or public service state commission determines the opposite. This is very important since it simplifies the transaction with a simple “sign and go”, permitting your team to achieve a much higher volume of sales at the end of the day. We don't require credit checks either. These are all factors that make the sales process much easier.

ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE also simplifies the sales procedure by offering:


Premium suppliers & energy rates

Gain immediate access to the most qualified energy suppliers in North America, giving your agents the ability to provide customers with the most competitive electricity and gas rates in every deregulated market.

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The most efficient back office support

We provide each sales organization with its own dedicated account manager, to help you and your agents in every possible way to ensure your success on this business. An energy expert will assist you on every step, bringing the “know-how” and support you will need to maximize your full potential.

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Professional trainning

We provide the most professional and complete training in the industry, including the peculiarities of the sales procedure, how to read utility bills and all the market information you need to succeed. You will learn every secret of this business, and we'll make sure each of your agents is full prepared to go out to field and never lose a customer.

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No matter what your situation is, our energy professionals with over 25 years of experience on this business are here to support you!