Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really help me get a lower price? I had bad experiences with energy suppliers in the past.

ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is not an energy supplier, it’s a network of energy professionals that helps commercial and industrial customers to evaluate their specific energy needs, and determine the best supplier and energy purchase strategy for their businesses.

Unfortunately, there’re lots of shady suppliers as well as unscrupulous brokers out there, that will increase the price of your energy in order to get large commissions for themselves.

The fact is you can get a better price and take advantage of discounts, but usually you will need an expert to identify the best value for you. Energy bills are complex and hidden fees make comparing providers very difficult.

ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE works just with qualified suppliers. We actually have partnership relations with every major player in the country. Trying to find a competitive price looking among the options usually offered to the general public is often a waste of time and money.

What can you do for me that my current supplier can’t? how can you save my bussiness money?

When one of our partners contacts the supply base for competitive bidding, every supplier knows the deal will get done, and they will need to quote the lowest price in order to win the business. 

Usually we can get better prices than the ones offered directly to the public. This is true for many reasons. Since they don’t need to have their sales teams involved, their prices will reflect these savings. Sometimes the best prices are from companies that you never heard about, since they don’t advertise, nor do they have a sales force.

I have a contract already. is there any point in calling you right now?

Yes, there is. If you have a contract without cancellation fee, you can cancel your current supplier and we can get a lower price for you immediately. Anyway, in most states cancellation fees are just not applicable and that’s why the supplier will never try to collect this fee, even when it is on the contract. Sometimes they will call you back in order to avoid the cancellation, but at the end of the day you can get a better price without any problem. 

Depending on the amount that you have been overcharged, sometimes will be better even to pay that fee in order to get out of the contract. It’s important to note that the cancellation don’t require the customer to do nothing. The new supplier just notifies the local utility about the change and that’s all.

If you don’t want to terminate your current service, you can just contract your electricity and natural gas to start at its conclusion. This makes sense since usually the prices are volatile, and you will be in a better position today to secure a predictable price for tomorrow.

I just want to get the lowest price, won’t i do better going direct?

No, you will not. ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE eliminates the sales cost for these suppliers.

In addition, the only way to get the best price is to negotiate the best contract. The terms and conditions are very technical and subject to negotiation. Very often what seems to be the lowest price ends up being a high price.

Our brokers negotiate hundreds of these contracts every year, so they know what to look for. Our clients view us as the Energy Management Department of their own companies.

What is the cost for me to have Elite Energy Exchange as my energy management partner?

There is no cost for this service. ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is a network of energy professionals. We’ll just connect you with an expert who specializes in your particular industry. Much like your independent insurance agent helps you find the best price for your home and office insurance, ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is compensated by the supplier that you eventually contract with.

How do i know i’ll get a better price from you than from the energy sales rep that calls me?

The answer is that salesman is representing a particular energy supplier in your area, and not necessary a qualified one. Our brokers can offer you that same supplier, usually at a lower price, plus many others. Our job is to find the best company to provide your energy, at the best price and the best terms. We work for you, not for any particular provider. We have relationships with the best electricity and natural gas suppliers in every deregulated state.

Aren’t all energy contracts the same? isn’t price all that matters?

Those contracts are all very different. Very often what you think is the lowest price, ends up being a high price, because there’re other factors affecting. It is very difficult for the general public to understand not just the hidden fees on the bill, but also the detailed terms and conditions, which are very technical. This is why the advice of an energy expert is so important.

I don’t have the time and resources to focus on buying energy, how can you help?

Obviously you want to pay as less as you can for your energy, and if your business is located in a deregulated state, the competitive supply options are there. Chances are your staff is being pulled in lots of different directions. Our partners act as an extension of your staff. They do the legwork, but keep your staff updated at all times. ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE just minimizes its client time commitment for what is a time consuming and complex process through a simplified course of action. Working with us, you can be confident of securing the best energy options, regardless of your annual energy budget.