Why to partner with us

Founded by professionals with over 25 years of experience on this industry

Partner with an established energy network like elite energy exchange, will provide you with all the tools and advantages to build or scale your energy business.

The most experienced energy salesmen are now switching to retail energy networks and marketplaces in order to take advantage of the possibility to offer their customers pricing from a large variety of suppliers. They have learned that there is much more money to be made working on their own, instead of losing commission every time they leave their present employer.

Be an independient Energy Sales Agent

Once the decision to become an independent energy sales agent has been made, youll obviously want to get the best compensation, conditions and tools available to start earning and growing your business.

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Our Advantages

Besides the fact most suppliers usually don't partner with single agents, and typically just pay higher commissions with larger volumes, there are a lot of other big advantages in partnering with us:

  • Earn higher commissions than with any other retail energy network or broker partner.
  • Get free access to the most qualified suppliers on each market.
  • Get free access to the most comprehensive, fully automated platform, designed to allow you to save time on administrative tasks, stay focused on sales, and positions you as a technology leader in the industry. These tools become very important as your book of business grows. Includes very easy integration and setup to your own webpage, distinct logo and branding.
  • Get the most professional, exclusive and free training from our team of energy experts, to really understand the business, how to target customers and closing deals.
  • Get the most professional free back office support, ready to assist you in any way possible.
  • Get access to your commissions faster, getting a significant cash flow boost that will allow you to take your business to the next level. Unlike most energy suppliers and brokers, who want to keep you as their employee forever to simply make money on you, ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is here to help you grow your personal business, with the most flexible commission plans designed to assist you in its different stages and needs. As you may know, the cash flow from working with a supplier is very slow. Your first month's commission usually takes around three months to get received, since you have to wait at least one month for the service to start, then another month to get the monthly usage from the utility, and usually another month to actually get your commission report and the paycheck. In contrast, ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE IS CAPABLE ADVANCING YOUR COMMISSIONS, IN ADDITION TO PAYING A HIGHER COMMISSION. This means you can start earning just three weeks after you submit a signed customer contract.
  • Get all payment via ACH right to your bank account.
  • Get override commissions for every energy broker or referral partner you bring onboard. If they are accepted for a partnership with ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, you will earn a commission for every deal they submit during the first year they stay with us.
  • Get free access to our customer data-base on every deregulated market. This is obviously very important to get new prospects. You will know exactly who the “big fishes” with big usage are and where to find them.
  • Unlike other energy networks or marketplaces, we don't ever sell energy directly to the customer. When you partner with a company who do that, their support to you as a broker is usually biased. This creates a potential conflict since when you provide a prospect to price, you will never know if that company will try to bypass you and sign him up directly in order to avoid paying you thousands of dollars in commission. Unfortunately, these situations are very common, especially with big accounts.
  • Unlike other energy networks or marketplaces, we don't require TPV verifications as part of our sales process, unless a particular supplier or public service state commission determines the opposite. This is very important since it simplifies the transaction with a simple “sign and go”, permitting you and your team to achieve a much higher volume of sales at the end of the day. Some other marketplaces require TPV verifications on every deal, because they usually work with lots of unqualified sales people, so they need to have this kind of preventive measure to avoid fraud. At ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, we consider this result in harm and delay to the honest and professional broker who brings good sales, and decided to switch to a network precisely to increase their volume.


No matter what your situation is, our energy professionals with over 25 years of experience on this business are here to support you!