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Every industry is unique, and so is its energy solution.

Each industry has its own needs and goals when it comes to reduce their utility costs. That's why when you look to reduce those costs, it's key to choose professionals that understand the complexity and peculiarities of your particular industry. Our energy experts with 25 years of experience act as an extension of your staff, to help you evaluate your specific needs and determine the best energy purchase strategy for your business.

Commercial Real Estate

As a Real Estate manager, you're obviously concerned about the rising electricity costs and how it can affects not just the tenants, but also the property as well. Since utility rates constitute a significant portion of the NNN, by reducing the electricity and gas prices you'll also be able to find new tenants easier. That's why price controls must be properly implemented in order to achieve a significant reduction, bringing not just consistency but also savings.

Why start trading your own energy?

At ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, we have partnership relations with the most qualified energy providers in each market, to assure our customers the lowest rates available and manage price risk exposure efficiently.

Our system also allows Property Management companies to generate a recurring revenue stream by brokering their own energy, while lowering the costs for the tenants at the same time!

We regularly work with dozens of Commercial Real Estate companies in every deregulated market. ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE certainly has one of the largest Commercial Real Estate Energy portfolios in America.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial energy customers make up the majority of our portfolio. Depending on the size and types of the client's facilities, a different energy solution will be required in order to significantly reduce not just the price of the electricity and/or gas themselves, but also their usage.

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Since procuring and managing energy spend is usually one of the largest expenses for Manufacturing and Industrial customers, the solution will often require a full-service approach to evaluate the best purchase strategy for the business.

We basically follow a 3-step procedure and then present the best proposal to the customer.

Energy Efficiency. First, one of our engineers will investigate and quantify energy savings potential in:

  • Electric motors and drives
  • Process systems
  • Lighting systems
  • HVAC systems and controls
  • Compressed air systems
  • Stream systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Building envelope upgrades
  • Renewable energy applications

This is a very technical step, but basically the engineer will provide us a report including every detail about the customer's usage patterns; how and when the energy consumption takes place. He will also determine which are the best energy efficiency measures in order to reduce the operation expenses and increase the customer's profit. It is common to see a 30% reduction on energy costs when a company implements the most basic initiatives.

Improved energy efficiency means a higher ROI. In addition, it will create a more comfortable working environment and leads to increased productivity. Sometimes it will even increase the value of the building itself.

Bill Audit: Then, a professional energy auditor will review different copies of the customer's bills looking for more energy savings opportunities. Basically, this is about correcting mistakes that could result in overcharging, and also taking advantage of overlooked programs. Most manufacturing facilities are eligible for tax exemptions which usually energy suppliers by themselves will not reflect on the customer's bills.

Purchase: This is the step where we will format the entire client's information and send it to our supply base for competitive bidding. Since every supplier knows the deal will get done, they will need to quote the lowest price in order to win the business. This drives the cost per kWh down dramatically.
In addition, we will negotiate the best terms and conditions according to the customer's specific situation.

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Government and Institutional

(This includes government, cities, municipalities, and school district).

Government's accounts typically require an expertise that not every broker firm or energy supplier would be able to accomplish.

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As an exclusive network of energy professionals with one of the largest Local Municipalities Energy portfolios in America, we certainly believe ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE to be one of the very few.

Usually, local governments and municipalities will require the energy advisor to negotiate a particular type of contract language with the provider that the customer will eventually contract with, in order to fulfill the government's responsibility in managing their resident's tax dollars. That duty of prudence also implies not to get caught in an energy overcharged as a result of an incorrect product mix, which typically occurs by partnering with inexperienced brokers or certain energy suppliers.

In addition to the special contract provisions, we also take a full-service approach to reduce both the price and consumption of electricity and gas.

Our strict 3-step procedure covers each area that could result in a net saving, to always ensure our customer the best proposal. First, our engineers evaluate every possible project in order to reduce the energy consumption: demand response, on-site power generation, LED lighting, HVAC improvement or even solar panels installation. Basically, anything that could result in a load reduction, depending on our customer's usage patterns. Simply by lowering the number of kWhs we can save as much as 30% on the utility bill. Next, we take care of any billing issue that might result in overcharging, like incorrect tariffs, or mistakes from previous contracts, or disregarded by the local utility. Finally, we format our customer's information and send it to the suppliers for competitive bidding. This will drive down the price per kWh significantly.

After we make sure all the special provisions are included in the contract language, we present the local government the options to choose product and term.

Our wide experience working with Cities, School Districts, Local Governments and Municipalities all around the country, make us the most trustable partner when it comes to determine your best energy purchase strategy.

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Restaurants & Bars

At ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, Restaurants and Bars compromise a very large segment of our energy portfolio. That's why we understand their specific needs in order to assist them through a successful energy purchase strategy.

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The fact is we simply know what to look for. For example, when it comes to electricity, the cold storage will always require special attention due to its extremely high consumption. Same thing with “walk-in” freezers, which generally are used 24/7. When it comes to gas usage, the main consumption will come from stoves and ovens.

All these have to be properly monitored in order to reduce the energy load and establish a purchase plan. Freezers, stores and ovens, HVAC, entertainment, and any other equipment must be monitored.

In addition, Restaurants and Bars owners may be entitled to lower electricity rates since their businesses operate at night and weekends, which are considered “off peak” hours. This basically means electricity costs less to generate, and the business should benefit from that. Usually these programs are overlooked by the majority of advisors, and not included in their energy purchase proposals.

At ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE, we instead take a full-service approach to this segment.

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Our 3-step procedure

This procedure is designed to ensure we always present the best options to our customers.


We go through a full review of any possible way to reduce the customer's energy usage, as well as their carbon footprint. These includes demand response projects, LED lighting projects, solar panels installation, and basically anything that carries a reduction in the client's actual load. After a complete review on all pertinent projects, we evaluate which ones will return a prudent ROI to move forward.


We review every charge on the energy bills to make sure is accurate, and we fix any mistake made by the utility or disregarded by the previous provider. A simple bill audit like this could save the customer thousands of dollars per year.


We get together our entire client's data and send it to the supply base. Basically, the providers will compete in order to win the business. Once we have the best rate, then we will discuss and negotiate the best contract language with the supplier, according to our customer's specific situation.


No matter what your situation is, our energy professionals with over 25 years of experience on this business are here to support you!