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Discover the advantages of the energy bussiness

The deregulation of energy in the 90s has opened up opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial motivation, to build their own brokerage business and capitalize on this massive 750 billion dollar market.

Many business experts like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have stated the deregulation of electricity and natural gas will lead to “the greater transfer of wealth in our lifetimes”. The advantages of this relatively new and evolving marketplace are so many that deserve serious consideration by any experienced salesman.

At ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE we have also trained dozens of agents without any previous sales experience, which rapidly became energy professionals with large portfolios. First of all, this is much easier than a regular sale. Not just for the obvious reason electricity and gas are products every business already pay for, so there is no need for you to convince them to use it, but also for the sales procedure itself.

As an intangible product, you don't have to provide the customer with any physical object; he doesn't have to give you any money. He just has to agree to the price offered by the supplier and sign an application. That's it.

Who would not want to simply pay less?

In fact, the decision maker usually does not consider or even realize he is “buying” something. ENERGY IS A PRODUCT THAT IS UNCONCIOUSLY PURCHASED AND USED EVERY DAY. Of course, an energy professional has to understand the customer's needs and goals in order to reduce their energy costs, since not every client is on the same situation. This is part of the expertise for this particular sales career, but we're referring to the sales procedure itself here. After the deal is closed, the customer does not even receive a separate bill besides the one from the utility.

Everything stays the same; the client keeps receiving the same bill from the same company, except the price is now reduced. These are all factors that make this kind of sale very easy, but certainly the most attractive feature of the energy business is the RESIDUAL INCOME compensation plan. This means recurring commissions for as long as the customer remains with the contracted supplier.

How will your paycheck be?

Basically, your paycheck will become bigger month after month, and you'll keep receiving it even if you stop working on introduce new customers into the system. for more detailed information about our specific payment plans, you can go to commission plans for our brokers.

On electricity and natural gas sales, unlike other recurring revenue businesses (as, for example, merchant services) you don't need any personal document from the customer in order to close a deal, except the utility bills. No social security number. No tax ID. No voided checks from the bank. No paperwork at all! This is why for the individual salesman as well as the manager who has his own team, it will be relatively easy to increase their sales volume considerably with such a product (that everyone has to use) and build their own business very fast.

Besides the fact these are not "one shot" deals like all other types of sales, and you continue to get paid for years after the work is done!

Another advantage for you as a salesperson or sales team manager who is considering to start offering electricity and gas programs to his customers, is you don't need to pay any fee or get a license to start earning, like other brokerage businesses as for example real estate. As licensed energy brokers, we offer you the ability to piggyback our licenses at no cost!

Now, that seems like something you're interested in. Actually this is the best place for you to be! The perfect time for you to get onboard on this emerging and billionaire industry. Right now, there are less than 6,000 energy brokers in America.

We have....

  • 1,200,000 real estate agents
  • 450,000 insurance agents
  • 250,000 stock brokers

The energy industry is thriving more than ever before, and ELITE ENERGY EXCHANGE is a very exclusive network founded by energy experts with over 25 years of experience in this business. We've been on this since the inception of deregulation in 1992, and we offer our partners a comprehensive plan and services that are rarely found in the industry.

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